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E-Commerce Systems and Consulting
Traditional commerce is becoming increasingly impacted by disruptive technologies, namely digital in nature, and modern businesses need to continuously adapt to changing consumer preferences. The problem for retailers that are using community platforms for their E-commerce along with all of their competitors is uniformity. There are very few possibilities to create new functions / features for customers before the competition has them as most new features are released together to all. Because the MWF Group platform is completely private and custom, new features can be developed faster than community platforms, customers are more satisfied and remain loyal, this represents a huge advantage in E-commerce. In Canada the MWF GROUP platform is under exclusive license to SoftMoc Inc. The experts at MWF Group provide a full suite of services and solutions to bring your company to the industry leading forefront of digital commerce.

Our services include:
Web Development
E-Commerce Consulting
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Social Media Services
Email Marketing & Platform
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Retargeting Services
Comparison Shopping Services
PPC Campaign Services
and much more...